• Richard Barrett

    I have been working with Robert since July 2013 and he has helped me tremendously.
    I used to be very nervous about giving speeches in public, but with the help from Robert I have now overcome this.
    A speech that I delivered in June 2014 I was told that it was the best speech that was given by a bookkeeper/accountant in the 4 years that she had been a member of a networking group.
    I would highly recommend Robert.

    Richard Barrett

  • Michael Norton

    Robert ran a highly engaging session for the Better Careers Collective on ‘Finding your authentic voice at work’. Group participants felt nurtured and supported by Robert as he guided the group through a series of activities designed to help us connect to our strengths and values. Participants got the opportunity to practice communicating in new ways and developing their confidence in one on one interactions as well as in the large group. Feedback from the session was very positive and many people commented that they gained new perspectives on how to communicate with greater authenticity. 

    Michael Norton
    Wellbeing & Performance, Career Change & Development

  • Kylie Harker

    Robert and I set clear personal objectives for me which included presentation development, story-telling and effective delivery techniques. His process has not only given me the tools I need to deliver confidently but also helped me discover my authentic voice. He genuinely seemed invested in my success and I am grateful to have worked with him. Highly recommend his services.

    Kylie Harker
    CRM Consultant & Business Systems Integration Specialist

  • Helen Bolger-Harris

    I wholeheartedly recommend Robert’s services. I’ve been working with him throughout this year to improve my speaking and he’s provided me with invaluable learnings. I now feel more confident presenting to audiences both in a live capacity and via video. He’s also provided great advice about stagecraft, editing videos and so on, which has added value to my business. Throughout our coaching relationship, I’ve found Robert to be supportive and honest and I respect him for this. Thank you so much Robert!

    Helen Bolger-Harris
    Life Productivity Coach, Therapist, Speaker, Trainer

  • Doreen Schwegler

    I worked with Robert to prepare for a presentation at a conference in Italy of my work as a Natural Fertility Specialist. I particularly wanted help with projection of my voice and issues with breathing. Robert did some intensive work on these issues and other aspects I had not thought about including pitch, tone and emotional aspects. The presentation went very well and many people came over to me afterwards to congratulate me! Thank you Robert for your professionalism and expertise!

    Doreen Schwegler
    Natural Fertility Specialist