Robert Williams


Robert Williams is the Principal and founder of Clearly Talking, established in 2006. Through an extensive career incorporating drama and performance, Robert has developed and refined his attributes as a communicator and leader.

As such, Robert brings a practical, hands-on approach to his coaching and workshops. Participants work on and apply communication skills that are important to them. This can include: overcoming nerves for an important presentation, public speaking with confidence and pizazz, or modifying a strong accent that gets in the way of their communications with others.


Initially, Robert trained as a computer programmer and achieved first class honours in Computer Science from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK. His strong analytical skills are put to good use in his ability to provide comprehensive vocal assessments for each individual. These insights are the platform from which transformation begins.

Currently a regular host on radio station Yarra Valley FM, Robert also trains the new presenters in order to improve their vocal strength, range and branding.

Robert has held leadership positions on a number of boards and worked as a trainer and speaker. Completed Certificate IV Training and Assessment in 2007.

Why choose Clearly Talking and Robert Williams?

“I work face to face with all my participants to help them achieve their aims. My training style is holistic – that is, I mix a diagnostic approach with personal care and human interaction to drive results.

I always get a kick out of helping my students overcome their fears and frustration to become confident and successful individuals” – Robert Williams