Robert Pattie-Williams


Robert is the Principal and founder of Clearly Talking, established in 2006. Through an extensive career including ICT, psychology, music, drama, radio, film and performance, Robert has developed and refined his attributes as a communicator and leader.
Robert brings a practical, hands-on approach to his coaching and workshops.

“I work on helping you apply communication skills that are important to you. This can include overcoming nerves for an important presentation, public speaking with confidence and pizazz, understanding your inner voice, or modifying a strong accent that gets in the way of talking to others.”

Robert trained as a database programmer and achieved first class honours in Computer Science from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK. His strong analytical skills are put to good use in his ability to provide a detailed, analytical vocal assessment for clients.
As a voice & speech coach he developed the Vocal Branding model as a way of explaining how our inner voice works. This layered model helps clients understand their own unique blend of strengths, values and emotions and how to communicate more effectively and intentionally.
As well as his native tongue, Robert speaks French fluently, a little Spanish, German and some Welsh: the language of his grandfather’s side of the family.
“I hated English at school but have come to appreciate how wonderfully rich and expressive the language is. It’s a fantastic language for being expressive and communicating what we’re feeling. It’s built into English in ways that are simply not there in some other languages.”
Robert is Speaker-Curator for TEDxCasey. This involves helping to recruit, select and train the speakers for the annual event on sharing ideas. At the 2019 event he trained all of the speakers including 18 for the youth event and 8 for the main stage.
Why choose Clearly Talking and Robert Williams?
“I’m far more than simply a voice coach. The mechanics are simple to teach. What I like to do is dig deep and find the individual’s real motivations. I like to find the authentic person – whoever that is and whatever it looks like.

In this world of polished perfection, it is raw authenticity which stands out as something beautiful and exciting. For me that’s where the gold is. Watching someone transform in front of me becoming the wonderful unique person that they were meant to be. Life is short, why settle for less?”