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In an Australian Human Resource Institute 2018 Turnover and Retention Report:

    • 63% of survey respondents said they leave their jobs due to LACK OF CAREER PROGRESSION
    • Another strong cause of worker movement appears to be a lack of learning and development opportunities, this was up 15% since the 2015 survey (indicates that employees are conscious that learning and development is more critical at a time when traditional jobs are being replaced by jobs using emerging technologies).
    • 70% of respondents said EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP was the reason for staying

    In a Gallup Poll

    • Across the USA – number 1 reason , 75% of respondents said the reason they leave their jobs is due to bad managers.

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Event details

Thursday 26th March 2020 5pm – 8pm
light refreshments provided Conference Room, Waterman Business Centre,
Princes Hwy, Chadstone Shopping Centre

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To transform our organisations to the Future of Work we need agile mindsets to take the lead and uniquely human traits to take the stage. Managers and Leaders in all walks of life are uniquely poised to create environments where this can flourish

We are hurtling into the Digital Era. Work has already changed and it’s set to change more dramatically still. The new competitive edge for organisations will be their ability to unlock and harness the unique potential of their people.

This will take growth focused, human centred leaders who:

  • Embrace new technologies confidently,
  • Support human capability compassionately,
  • 70% of respondents said EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP was the reason for staying

Gabby will guide you through her Growth Focused, Human Centred Leadership Model. You will understand three quadrants of destructive management styles that are robbing our people of their potential. Finally we arrive at the top right quadrant, the Higher Curve. This is the quadrant where true leaders and great organisations effortlessly lead and grow others.

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Being able to communicate your ideas effectively to your colleagues and team members is a critical part of the equation. But many people self-sabotage when faced with having to talk to more than a few people at a time.

Being a leader depends on understanding yourself and the way your self-esteem system work to support or undermine you. Most importantly leaders need to have started on the journey of self-discovery. They need to have begun to understand who they are.

Robert will guide you through the Leadership Voice model and demonstrate how leaders can become more intentional, connected, aligned and confident.

Robert’s approach isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a deep analytical dive into the human psyche. You will understand the role of Values, Strengths and Emotions in the communication model and how to use them. You will learn how to align these to get the message over in the most effective and authentic way.

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Robert Pattie-Williams

BSc (Hons) (UK)
Voice Finder | Voice Coach | Trainer / Facilitator | Scriptwriter

Robert trained as a database programmer with a degree from a British University. His strong analytical skills are put to good use in his ability to provide a detailed, analytical vocal assessment for clients.

As a voice & speech coach he developed the Vocal Branding model as a way of explaining how our inner voice works. This layered model helps clients understand their own unique blend of strengths, values and emotions and how to communicate more effectively and intentionally.

As well as his native tongue, Robert speaks French fluently, a little spanish and some Welsh: the language of his grandfather’s side of the family.

“I hated English at school but have come to appreciate how wonderfully rich and expressive the language is. It’s a fantastic language for being expressive and communicating what we’re feeling. It’s built into English in ways that are simply not there in some other languages.”

Robert is Speaker-Curator for TEDxCasey. This involves helping to recruit, select and train the speakers for the annual event on sharing ideas. At the 2019 event he trained all of the speakers including eighteen for the youth event and eight for the main stage.

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Gabby Hartin

M.Ed. (USA), B’Ed (Aust.), MAITD
Founding CEO | Consultant | Speaker | Author | Facilitator | Graphic Recorder & Visual Facilitator | COACH to GROW Creator

Gabby is full of energy when inspiring leaders & managers to become Growth Focused & Human Centred. Just ask her to deliver her unplugged, game based & graphically recorded ‘pitch’ & you’ll be swept up in her serious fun, exceptional knowledge & experience in this space.

Her passion is founded on 30+ years teaching & leading in Australia & around the world, students, global faculties, & leadership teams across 4 continents.

She transitioned her unique approach to the Business World 15 years ago & has been inspiring leaders ever since.

After a devastating road accident 9 years ago & a breast cancer diagnosis less than 12 months ago, Gabby has lived the lessons of setback, struggle & resilience. From this journey she brings profound insights into the importance of wellbeing & mental health into her programs.

During rehab, she spent time working for a variety of leaders & managers across various industries & was shocked at the widespread prevalence of toxic & destructive leadership styles infiltrating organisations & impacting on the wellbeing & potential of their people.

With original & insightful models & excellence in immersive learning, Gabby’s purpose is to turn the tide on wasted potential & damage to wellbeing through human centred leadership.

If you too value the imperative of this shift, yet feel overwhelmed with the task, engaging with Gabby’s message, her mindset & her methodology will reveal the path to the Higher Ground – she is the master at translating the complexity of this mission into an enjoyable, inspirational & deeply rewarding journey for us all.

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Call Clearly Talking on: 03 9999 7948 or Higher Curve on: 0415 446 397

Thursday 26th March 5pm – 8pm Waterman Business Centre, Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Tickets value: $49.00 (incl GST)

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