img About Clearly Talking

It is Clearly Talking’s mission is to help you Discover your voice, learn to Express it and by doing so start to Lead. We get excited when you start to explore the life-transforming power of your own voice and start expressing your authenticity. It can take a life time to discover our true voice. It can remain locked away deep inside us. Simple things, life frustrations, obstacles, blockages and physical impediments can keep our voices trapped. The tragedy is that so many of us go through life without ever finding our true voices.


    Public Speaking

    Public Speaking is one of the most nerve-wracking things you can do. Most surveys rate the fear of public speaking ahead of the fear of death itself.

    At Clearly Talking we have a holistic approach to speaking looking at technique, mindset, physicality, writing skills to help you be a capable well-rounded speaker.


    Leadership & Vocal Branding

    Vocal branding works in much the same way that visual branding does.With visual branding, you create the image

    you want people to associate with you or your business, sometimes down to the smallest details. With vocal branding you create the sound you want people to associate with your business.


    What Our Clients are saying

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    • Kylie Harker

      Robert and I set clear personal objectives for me which included presentation development, story-telling and effective delivery techniques. His process... author
    • Richard Barrett

      I have been working with Robert since July 2013 and he has helped me tremendously. I used to be very... author
    • Michael Norton

      Robert ran a highly engaging session for the Better Careers Collective on 'Finding your authentic voice at work'. Group participants... author
    • Helen Bolger-Harris

      I wholeheartedly recommend Robert's services. I've been working with him throughout this year to improve my speaking and he's provided... author